Should You Be Cautious About API Gateway Pricing?

You will find multiple API gateway pricing models online that may cater to your organizational needs. The pricing models will charge you or the developers depending on how much API gets integrated into the system. From fixed and combined to partnership-based pricing, you will find all kinds of gateways.

However, you must acknowledge that the API gateway pricing of gateways is a ubiquitous tool that offers a multitude of services. From managing backend services to ensuring API securities – it helps monitor and analyzes all activities. This means that every API gateway app or software will have something different to offer in terms of features and functionalities.

If you fail to identify the relevant features and functionalities of an API gateway pricing and API management tool, you may end up paying a higher price for nothing. In a few cases, the API gateway may not provide efficient features despite charging a whopping amount. So, you must be cautious about API gateway pricing before you choose the tool and pay for it.


All About An API Gateway

An API gateway pricing is component of API tool and it is a tool that takes all API calls from clients, redirects them to microservices, and aggregates results. The significant API management tool acts as a bridge between clients and multiple backend services.

The API gateway pricing is defined API gateway and that by open-source handles tasks used across multiple systems of API services like rate limiting, user authentication, and statistics. The gateway is a significant software pattern that facilitates requests and delivery of services and data across application programming interfaces or a group of microservices. So, business organizations understand the significance of API gateway security when implementing the gateway into their systems.

Need of an API Gateway

API gateway pricing and all other documentation offers unified entry points across internal APIs in a system. It enables organizations to control user access, enables security measures, and secures microservices.

Here is why you need an API gateway pricing clarity and API gateway like so for your organizational system.

Zero Concern Exposure

An API gateway is responsible for separating external public APIs from internal microservice APIs. The process allows microservices to get added and boundaries changed. The gateway also hides versioning details and service discovery from clients by providing single entry points for microservices.

Additional Security

An API gateway helps prevent malicious attacks by providing extra protection layers from attack vectors like SQL injection, denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, XML Parser exploits, etc.

Communication Protocols

API gateways offer multiple communication protocols for clients and backend services. The protocols may include system integration with JSON-RPC, SOAP, XML-RPC, etc. The gateways further provide external REST-based API across multiple protocols that allow teams to choose what best fits the internal system architecture.

Decreased Complexity

API microservices have authorization, access control enforcement, or rate-limiting concerns when they get integrated into systems. An API gateway helps remove such concerns from the system’s code and allows the teams and microservices to focus on the tasks at hand.


How Much Does an API Gateway cost

API gateway costs vary from one service provider to another. The breakdown of the gateway pricing depends on the features and functionalities you choose to implement into your system.

Here are some of the service providers and their API gateway prices.

AWS API Gateway

It is a per-usage model that begins with a year-long free trial period and allows up to one million API calls. However, the charge for HTTP APIs, WebSocket APIs, and REST APIs starts from $1 to $3.50.

Kong Gateway

You can download API gateway open-source free from the Kong Gateway and get up to 2 million requests per month. The gateway further provides a plus-tier model of $250 per service, where developers can generate up to 10 million requests.

Oracle API Gateway

You get Oracle API Gateway’s pricing at a single cost which is $ 3 million in calls/per month. by 500apps offers API gateway pricing at the cost of $14 .99 per month.

API Gateway Pricing Comparison

You will find multiple API gateways that are open-source or free. However, business organizations often choose service providers to access API gateways because they provide reliable features and functionalities.

If you want to compare the API gateway pricing of all the providers, we recommend you go with as your choice. With this app, you can access a flexible and powerful gateway for the entire month by paying $14 .99.

Moreover, provides reliable features that enable efficient API calling and service communication within the system.

  • It provides a central control point for all APIs.

  • It helps manage the authorization, authentication, and routing for all interfaces.

  • It helps provide consistent and easy-to-use APIs.

  • It provides a cloud-based communication platform for instant API integration into systems and applications.

  • It provides identity and access management policies to grant access to APIs.

  • It helps create client SDKs to test new APIs on apps and systems.

  • It allows users to create custom APIs depending on system requirements.

  • It helps connect multiple APIs to a single API without connector-specific variations.

  • It ensures maintaining regulatory compliance and staying up to date with all API call changes.

Summing It Up

The best API gateway acts as a relevant software pattern that accepts API requests from a client and directs them to appropriate services while combining the results with user experience. The management tool is available for free and paid persons. is a popular API gateway that helps facilitate requests and delivery of multiple data and services. The software’s primary role is to enable a standardized interaction process for apps, data services, and customers of an organization.

So, is a significant API gateway software that performs multiple functions to support and manage API usage in systems. To know more about, visit the 500apps website today!

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