Unified API Control

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Unified API Control provides a simple, unified way to control all of your APIs. With Unified API Control, you can easily manage authentication, authorization, and access to your APIs.

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Unified API Control

Common Unified API Control

Unified API Control provides a single interface to control all your APIs, making it easy to publish, manage, and monitor them. Unified API Control also includes powerful analytics and reporting tools that give you insights into how your APIs are being used.

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Applications become less complex and more adaptable to change as a result.

access management

Access management

Establishes a set of permissions and roles that can be uniformly applied to any API.

user management

User Management

Provides a full, centralised system to an organisation that offers a single point of control for all user management operations.

What is an Unified API Control

To control all of your company's web-based tools and services, Unified.cc offers a Unified API Control. You can control users, passwords, authentication, and every other element of your online presence from a single location with just a few lines of code. This empowers you to quickly develop new applications, alter current ones, and maintain data synchronisation across all platforms.

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