API Gateway

to give you a fexible and powerful gateway

Provides a central point of control for all APIs. Used to manage authentication, authorization, and routing for all APIs and helps to ensure that all APIs are consistent and easy to use.

API Gateway

Easy Integration with Existing Systems and APIs

Provides a cloud-based communication platform that offers easy integration with existing systems and applications. The features are advantageous because they make it easy for customers to connect to the system and to use the product.

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api authorization

API Authorization

To grant access to your APIs, you can use Identity and Access Management and access policies.

sdk generation

SDK Generation

Create client SDKs for a wide range of platforms to quickly test new APIs in your apps and distribute SDKs to third-party developers.

api administration

API Administration

Allows you to create, maintain, monitor, secure, and manage APIs, as well as set up policies to control how their APIs are accessed, using API Gateway Administration.

easy api calls

Easy API Calls

Allows you to quickly and easily create a custom API for your code that is running in another API.

What is an API Gateway?

Between a client and a group of backend services, there is a tool called an API gateway. Application programming interface (API) gateways serve as reverse proxies that accept all API requests, collect the various services needed to process them, and then return the appropriate response.

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