API Gateway and Why you need it?

An API gateway refers to a software pattern that accepts API requests from a client and directs them to appropriate services while combining the results into a synchronous user experience. It is a management tool that sits between a client and the backend services.


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API gateway facilitates requests and delivery of various data and services. API gateway pattern’s primary role is to become the single-entry point and standardized process of interaction between the apps, data, services, and customers of an organization. API gateway software performs various functions to manage and support API usage – from authentication and analytics to rate limiting.

Why Do You Need It?

API gateway’s benefit is that it centralizes and standardizes service delivery via APIs or microservices. The gateways also help organize and secure the API-based integrations of an organization in multiple ways. Here is a breakdown of the benefits.

It Simplifies Service Delivery

API gateways can combine multiple calls to request and retrieve various data and services that reduce the volume of traffic and requests. The gateways help streamline the API processes and improve user experiences for various applications.

It Provides Flexibility

Developers can compress an application’s internal structure in multiple ways via API gateways as they are highly configurable. The process helps invoke backend services and aggregate the final results.

It Extends Legacy Applications

Businesses relying on legacy applications can use API gateways to work with various apps and extend their functionalities as an alternative to a complex, extended, and broader migration process.

It Contributes to Observability and Monitoring

API gateways help organizations to monitor various activities via APIs. The gateway logs help pinpoint issues during a monitoring event to prevent repeating the mistakes in the future. API gateways function as an alternative to specific tools that organizations use to monitor activities.

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